PocketDOF, localisé en chinois ???

Je viens de recevoir un email d’une société chinoise qui, d’après elle, souhaite localiser (gratuitement) des applications présentes sur l’Android Market, en l’occurrence mon application PocketDOF.
(PocketDOF est une application de calcul de profondeur de champs pour les photographes)

Ils souhaitent donc prendre à leur charge la localisation (ie la traduction) de l’application afin de l’insérer sur leur propre market. Bien évidemment, le mail est tombé directement dans ma boite spam, mais tout de même, leur site (goapk.com) ressemble à un vrai market android. Malheureusement je ne parle pas un mot de chinois. Si quelqu’un connait ce site ou a déjà travaillé avec eux, merci de me laisser un petit commentaire.

Voici le mail que j’ai reçu:

Dear Sir/Madam

This is Damian Cui from Goapk.com in China.Our Company is co-founded by many famous Chinese IT companies and distributors,dedicated to building a leading android forum and market for Chinese android users.

We found your android app PocketDOF  on the internet,and we think it is pretty good.So we’re here requesting your permission for us to localize it into Chinese and put it onto our website www.goapk.com <http://www.goapk.com/>  as well as the software market for users to download.And we’d be much happier if you’d like to co-operate with us on more of your apps.In the meantime,we are also busy establishing a distribution channel for charge software in which we can hopefully co-operate in the future on a revenue share basis.Currently, we only distribute free apps so there’s no need to worry about interest issues.

All rights of the app will be still reserved by you. And you can also use our translation anywhere else (e.g. Google Android Market), I think it will help to attract more attention from the Chinese users.

If you’re interested,the following is the localization and distribution process:

1)send us the part which needs to be localized(which are usually files like string.xml) 2)after finishing the localization,the required part will be sent back to you,please integrate it into the software and send us the new apk file 3)we will send the required part back to you after finishing the localization,if there’s nothing wrong,we’ll release it 4)we will send you the link of release after finishing it so you can check the download data of it

Your prompt and favorable attention to this proposal would be highly appreciated. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask at any time.

If you don’t want to receive mails like this any more,please tell us by replying,we’ll not bother you again.

Yours Sincerely

Damian Cui

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