RawVision problems to operate on SD cards

We have had reports from RawVision users having problems deleting from or exporting files to their SD cards.

After some investigation, we found out that the problem was (surprisingly) related to Android itself, and more precisely to Honeycomb.
And for the bad news, the problem ain’t just located to the SD card but it does affect the internal SD too (usually /sdcard/).

Many devices are suffering this problem including Samsung’s tablets running Honeycomb (Android 3.X).

The reason for it is that, for an unknown reason, Google changed the group permission to access those locations. It is a bit complicated for non-linux users, but let say that you need permission to read/write/execute files. And Honeycomb prevents apps from having those permissions.

In the case of Samsung, they circumvented the problem by adding special permissions in their own firmwares. Hence you users may think everything is working properly since the home made file browser is not affected by this issue. Using any other app like the excellent ES File explorer  would still fail to do the operations.

Anyway, our attemps to bypass the problem were unsuccessful. Users affected by the issue will have to wait for your Manufacturer to (finally) upgrade your devices to Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.X).

More information is available on the excellent Chainfire’s page (technical):